Moravian Star Lights have become increasingly popular in home decorating and stylish lighting. Selecting the right glass star is important. You need to know if you need it for a good light source or if the star should be more decorative in nature.

Our Moravian Glass star lights, the very popular lighting choice in home decor, have eighteen pointed tips similar to the original Moravian stars that were first created in geometry lessons in the 1830s at the Moravian School in Niesky, Germany. Moravian stars were first manufactured by the Herrnhut Star Factory. These days you can find many Metal and Glass Moravian Star Lights made all over the world. Our Moravian stars are all made in Mexico.

We want to talk about the widely popular Mexican made Moravian Stars. You wonder what is the connection between the Mexicans and Moravia? None really. The Mexican artists are just very good at working with tin and are very creative in making these stars.

Most star lights are crafted as lanterns and initially intended to be used with a candle. Some importers, like us, have specialized in turning these lanterns into beautiful star light fixtures and lamps. Just be careful, they are not all created equally. Make sure your light is wired professionally and conforms to local electrical code. We have seen some electrified stars that contained unsafe loose wiring and the sockets were just dangling inside the lamp. If your house or commercial property needs to be approved by an electrical inspector, you might really want to pay attention to this. Nothing more annoying and costly than a failed electrical inspection that holds up the opening of your place.

Ask yourself if the lamp is going to be used as a light fixture as a hanging star light, or if you just want it as a plug in light, perhaps as table lamp or hang if from a hook and swag the cord to an outlet. Metal lights mounted to a ceiling box require a grounding wire.

Are you looking for a star light to give plenty of light? Is it going to be your main light source for your space? If yes, make sure you choose a style with clear or frosted glass panels. On the other hand, if you just need an accent light, you can choose from a larger variety of star designs like antique mirrored glass stars or even go with a tin star that has just small designs cut out. These tin star lights can be a valid alternative as they throw interesting light pattern, just don’t expect much light from them.

Last but not least, choose the right size. One easily goes wrong choosing a the correct size. You don’t want to end up with the hassle to deal with returns if you can possibly avoid it. Keep in mind that with low ceilings you don’t want the taller members of your family knock their heads on one of the points. Stay safe, measure carefully and allow enough head room.