Frequently Asked Questions about our Moravian Star Lights

Q: Which star light styles give plenty light?
A: I general, all glass star lights are a good light source, except the Antique Mirror style will be more of an accent light due to the antique mirror panels that let only some light out. It is more of a glow than a major light source.

Q: Can these Moravian Star Lights used outdoors on a porch under a roof?
A: Our star lamps are not specifically rated for “Outdoors” but they will work fine if not exposed directly to rain. Keep in mind that the tin metal of the lamps can age (rust) a bit when they are exposed to the elements. I would recommend the bronze colored stars over the silver ones as a bit of rust won’t show/matter as much. Many of our customers buy them for porch settings and are very happy.

Q: Are these star lights UL listed?
A: The wire assembly for the hard wire version are UL listed. The lights themselves do not get listed. Here is the wire assembly Wiring Harness UL File E144220

Q: What light bulbs do these lamps need?
A: We supply a bulb with each light but see here for the full reverence. Light Bulb Guide.

Q: What kind (color) of wire are you using?
A: We use a clear coated wire. We find it the least obtrusive and blend best with our lights and surrounding.

Q: Are there any assembly or installation instructions provided?
A: Our star lights ship fully assembled. If you purchased your light for hard wire with a ceiling kit, we suggest hiring an electrician. If you have the skills or are interested in learning more about this kind of installation you can download How to Hang a Ceiling Light Fixture or you may watch this YouTube video. This video was not made by us nor do we take any responsibility for it’s accuracy nor safety.

Q: What is your Shipping and Return Policy?
A: Your can find the details right here at our Shipping & Returns page.

Q: How do we measure the star lights?
A: We measure from tip to tip. Keep in mind that each lamp is hand made and can vary up to an inch in size. This simple setup allows accurate measurements.

Q: How do I change the light bulb?
A: All Star Lights have an easy access door. Look at the top point of the lamp and look around its base to find the top part of the hinge. Once you found it, you have to look on that side for the door latch. Slide it carefully open. If it seems stuck just wiggle it a bit while sliding.