High Quality Ceramic Sockets

Our star lamps are all equipped with high quality ceramic sockets. These ceramic sockets can handle 100W bulbs without a problem. To avoid excessive heat and conserve energy, you may use modern LED bulbs. You will get more light with less heat and less energy consumption. The larger lights come with the regular size E26 base sockets and the small ones with the candelabra small size E12 sockets.

Light Bulbs

In general wee match the size of the star with the appropriate type of bulb. The smaller sizes that are equipped with the candelabra E12 socket still ship with free incandescent bulbs. Most of the larger size stars will now new ship with energy friendly LED bulbs. Consider using LED bulbs with higher Lumens if you require more light.  Keep in mind that Lumens tell you how much light you get and Watt is a measure of energy consumption.

But what exactly is Lumens?

Check out this video to learn more about Lumens and Brightness

Light Bulb Replacement

Currently we still supply free incandescent bulbs with our small star lights.

Stars with Small Flame Tip Bulbs (Candelabra – Small Base E12)

These lights still ship with incandescent bulbs.

9″ Tin Star Lamps Chandelier Base Bulb 10W
9″ Glass Star Lamps Chandelier Base Bulb 40W
12″ Tin Star Lamps Chandelier Base Bulb 40W

You can fit higher wattage bulbs in these as well. Most lamp and hardware stores will carry a wide assortment of Candelabra base bulbs. The strongest commonly found Flame Tip incandescent bulbs are usually 60 Watt. You might find a small flame tip LED bulb as well. More and more LED shapes come to the market.

Stars with Regular Size Bulbs (Standard – Base E26) 

12″ Glass Star Lamps Bullet/Torpedo 40W
16″ Tin Star Lamps Bullet/Torpedo 40W
16″ Glass Star Lamps Bullet/Torpedo 60W
18″ Glass and Tin Star Lamps Incandescent 60W or
LED 10W (60W equivalent)
20″ Glass and Tin Star Lamps Incandescent 60W or
LED 10W (60W equivalent)

You may use any other bulbs in these lights as long as they don’t consume more then 100W, otherwise you run into heat issues. The sockets are fine up to 200W, but again with regular incandescent bulbs you get a lot of heat loss. Use a LED with more Lumens instead.